To deliver successful change in Financial Services it is essential to have the right input during the early, critical, stages of your project.  The focus of our Consulting business is to arm our clients with this information and the individuals who can provide it.

Throughout the high-profile integration of our two insurance businesses, Altus were our architecture partners of choice - they were there from day one to determine options and shape, deliver and govern the changes that our business needed. They worked seamlessly with our permanent staff and made an invaluable contribution to our success.

Altus can provide you with the right people, with the right skills at the right time to accelerate and de-risk your project, from initial shaping and business case right through to design and delivery.  Unlike others our belief is that this is not a numbers game — our experience has demonstrated the success of deploying highly skilled and experienced individuals across just a handful of key roles, working in partnership with clients project teams. 

These roles are:

All Altus staff are experienced in complex Financial Services change programmes. They understand the environment, from the regulations that govern it to the detail of the processes and IT systems which enable it.  All our staff come with the backing of our whole Consulting business - if there is a question on regulatory impact or an obscure process, they can talk to the person at Altus who wrote the industry reference model.  If you need to interface to a particular IT system, chances are we will have someone who’s worked with that system before who can advise.  This information comes as part of the package, we are proud of our cooperative culture and it differentiates Altus resources from both larger, less intimate Consulting firms and from individuals.