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Written by Altus on 04 July 2017

The Peer-to-Peer Finance today launched a new category of membership, welcoming eight inaugural associate members who provide important professional and ancillary services that help support the growing peer-to-peer lending sector.

Anticipating the launch of its associate membership, the P2PFA’s independent Chair, Christine Farnish, observed: ‘the P2PFA has, from its inception, been the authoritative voice of self-regulation in the UK peer-to-peer lending space, promoting high standards of business practice, making the case for robust transparency and an effective regulatory regime, as well as being a source of information and education about this exciting part of the alternative finance sector. The decision to admit associate members demonstrates the continued ambition of the P2PFA to broaden its ambit to include major players who, whilst not having an involvement in direct lending, are important to the continued growth and success of peer-to-peer lending in the United Kingdom.

The P2PFA’s Director, Robert Pettigrew, added: ‘drawn from an impressive array of professional and business services, software development, data analysis and related consultancies, the eight inaugural associate members of the P2PFA demonstrate the breadth of interest in the growing success which peer-to-peer lending constitutes in the United Kingdom. I look forward to working closely with the P2PFA’s inaugural associate members to ensure that the contribution of the P2PFA continues to reflect the perspective not only of our member platforms, but the wider community of investors, borrowers as well as the related supply chain’.

Details of the eight inaugural Associate Members of the P2PFA 


Altus Consulting


Fox Williams LLP

Grant Thornton UK LLP

Orca Money

Simmons & Simmons


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