Budget 2015: Impacts on Financial Services Businesses RSS icon

Written by Jon Dean on 18 March 2015

With a general election only a matter of weeks away, Chancellor George Osborne had promised a budget of ‘no gimmicks, no give-aways’ and this is broadly what he has offered; a fiscally neutral budget which favours the masses and places more of the burden of taxes on big business and the well-paid. Nonetheless he did find room for some political manoeuvring, offering up some interesting changes to the taxation of savings and the prospect of re-selling annuities. Read the full summary...

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Company News

  • Improving treatment of vulnerable customers
    Written by Sam Turner on 14 March 2019

    The financial services industry is lagging when it comes to identifying and servicing vulnerable customers, putting them at risk of both regulatory and reputational damage. While some businesses seem to be making progress – writing vulnerable customer policies, training staff and adopting front-line techniques – there is still a lot to be done.

  • Altus Consulting joins Insurtech UK as consultancy partner
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    Altus Consulting, a leading financial services consultancy, has officially become a partner of Insurtech UK, joining the first wave of associate members and partnership sign-ups of 2019. With the aim of becoming the definitive voice of the InsurTech community in the UK, the alliance has welcomed over 40 InsurTech start-ups since its launch in November 2018.