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Written by Altus on 14 October 2014

This week saw Consultancy’s 2nd event taking place at SWIFT offices in London.  The D2C Platform event was a great success with over 75 delegates in attendance. The half day event consisted of talks from Kevin Okell (Altus) and Mark Polson (the lang cat). We also hosted 2 panel sessions, panel 1 discussion questioned ‘how far financial services has to go to compete with other sectors?’ which consisted of Clive Gosling (Experian), Nic Gorey(Rocketer), Pete Aitkinson (Backbase) and Andrew Moody(Google)  panel 1 was moderated by Will Watling (Altus). The second panel was moderated by Matt Scott (Altus) and included some heated discussion from Rob Hudson at established players (Charles Stanley Direct), and new kids on the block Charles Nicholls (Money on Toast) and Peter Connell (Wealth Wizards). The recently released D2C white paper ‘Bringing in the Harvest’ downloads have reached a staggering 312 to date.
We had some great feedback on the day! another successful Altus Consultancy event to add to the list.
If you want to find out more about our D2C Platform Proposition you can download White Paper: ‘Bringing in the Harvest’   or for any other enquiries please email marketing@altus.co.uk

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