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Written by Howard Finnegan on 17 May 2016

Last week Altus Business Systems announced the release of a new version of the market leading Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG).  This new release is packed with a host of enhancements and new functionality designed to make the process of transferring client portfolios and investments between providers easier, quicker and simpler.  Ultimately, delivering a better, faster and safer client experience.

The Altus Transfer Gateway supports the open interoperable standards for transfers and asset re-registration and is currently being used by over 30 of the leading Investment Platforms, Wealth Managers and D2C/execution only stockbrokers.  The new capabilities and enhancements can be summarised into the following key areas;

  • Support for a wider range of wrappers including Flexible ISAs, Junior ISAs, Child Trust Funds and in-specie pension transfers.
  • Extendable and customisable workflow capabilities to automate and control the entire end to end client, portfolio and asset transfer process for all wrappers and assets classes.
  • Enhanced Integration capabilities for both ‘real-time’ and ‘batch’ integration models providing better automation and straight-through-processing.
  • Improved security models to support the segregation of data, functions and business rules to support multiple brands, departments and/or outsourcing models.
  • Better support for ‘manual/paper’ counterparties with enhanced document generation, automated reminders and follow ups.
  • Enhanced support for CREST asset transfers including with support for member accounts.

The new release is currently in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and will be available for live use in May 2016.  This release is the first deliverable this year as part of the continued investment in the development of the Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG).

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