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Written by Altus on 03 October 2018

Martyn Evans, Head of Consulting, Altus Consulting said:

 “This is the first time we have used our corporate golf day to raise money for charity – we chose to raise funds for our local hospital as a colleague of ours had one of their twin girls born with a serious heart condition last year.

“When baby Clara was born, the RUH was instrumental in monitoring her condition. Clara has now undergone open heart surgery at another hospital but the RUH continues to monitor her progress and development.”

 “We have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by our clients and staff, ‘everyone chipped in’ helping to raise £5,660 for this worthwhile cause. We would like to thank everyone including, Bath Golf Club, the people who donated the raffle prizes and The Forever Friends Appeal for helping us organise the day.”

 Laura Rankin, Corporate Officer, The Forever Friends Appeal said:

 “On behalf of the Appeal, I’d like to thank everyone at Altus Consulting for raising funds for our Children’s ward.

 “We rely on the invaluable support we receive from companies like Altus Consulting to be able to invest in projects that go above and beyond what the NHS can provide, and make a real difference to patients, their families, carers and the staff who treat them.”


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