It has been great working with Altus during our RFP process. They’ve made my life so much easier and allowed us to stick to an aggressive timescale. The governance, structure and documentation they provided made it a very simple but robust process.
Caroline Naylor-Renn, Chief Operating Officer

The answer is to challenge the conventional procurement model with its linear approach of RFIs, RFPs and ITTs; instead engaging actively with suppliers much earlier in the lifecycle. Building relationships and spending time on the features that really matter to your proposition rather than wading through hygiene factors and standard demos will save time and frustration later.

Of course due diligence is still important and selection decisions need to be robust but much of this can be done in parallel and based on work that’s been done before.

In our experience 75% of platform requirements are common across providers. The trick is to work out what the other 25% looks like and then focus there, objectively and with clear priorities.

Of course it helps if you work with a partner that really understands this market, brings a comprehensive model of platform capabilities and system vendors and knows where you need to probe and where you don’t.

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