2016 a robo-advice odyssey

It turns out robo-advice means different things to different people, and to some means absolutely nothing at all. So if there is no robot, and no advice, what precisely is there? And why are some predicting it – whatever it is – will run roughshod over traditional face-to-face advice? Principal Consultant, Simon Bussy spoke on a webinar panel ‘2016 a Robo-advice Odyssey Webinar’ on the 26th January 2016, which was hosted by Lawrence Gosling, editorial director for the Financial Services Division of Professional Adviser. There was also two representatives from IRESS on the panel - Chris Pitt and Mark Loosmore.

In this exclusive, live, webinar with technology provider IRESS, we will attempt to set some things straight...

  • What is robo-advice?
  • Should it be called robo-advice?
  • Does it really exist in the UK?
  • Will consumers care?
  • Should advisers care?

Download questions the panel did not have time to answer on the day along with their responses.