Altus is an expert in the field and have provided a selection of white papers, case studies, FCA consultation paper responses to demonstrate their credibility within the financial services market.

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Briefing Paper

  • Ogden Discount Rate - MOJ Response
    The MoJ has today published its response to the earlier consultation paper, ‘The Personal Injury Discount Rate: How it should be set in the future’ (March 2017).
  • Summary of 2016 Budget: Impacts on Financial Services Businesses
    In last year’s Autumn Statement, the chancellor had promised us details of pension reforms he had been consulting on. This had been the subject of much hype and speculation, until the news emerged two weeks ago that there would be no new pension reforms.
  • Interview: Altus 10 Years in Business, David Jackson, Managing Director
    In this brief interview, Managing Director, David Jackson reflects on 10 years in business, the changes he has seen in the Financial Services industry and what he believes the future holds for both the industry and Altus.
  • Digital Ecosystem Management Briefing Summary
    With a proliferation of software companies offering best of breed solutions to propositional challenges, more companies than ever are buying software solutions instead of building their own. Buying software allows firms to build unique and varied propositions which support class-leading customer journeys.


  • Consulting Overview Brochure
    New regulation, new business models, more channels, new markets; the Financial Services landscape never stands still. If you’re a business leader in this complex market, staying ahead of client needs whilst driving efficiency and generating returns may sometimes feel like tackling a giant jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the lid.

Case Studies

  • Legal & General - Don't worry, be API
    As one of the leading General Insurance brands in the UK, Legal and General (L&G) was looking to capitalise on its reputation and deliver on some bold thinking from the senior IT leadership team.
  • Legal & General Strategic Review
    Given the complexity of the problem at hand, Legal & General needed confidence that Altus could deliver the required Roadmap.
  • Liberty Group: Meeting the challenge of South Africa’s RDR
    With South Africa’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) taking effect in 2017, LISPs (Linked Investment Service Providers; platforms to the rest of the world) in South Africa are facing a shake-up.
  • LV = Insurer Hosted Pricing
    Against the backdrop of a significant transformation programme introducing a new insurance technology stack, LV= took the opportunity to radically transform their approach to pricing too.
  • LV = Foundations for Growth
    With ambitious plans to be a top 5 insurer in their chosen markets, the business was preparing for the next stage of its already impressive growth story.
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Integrate... and then innovate
    The integration programme following the merger of Lloyd’s TSB and HBOS was reported to be the largest IT transformation in European banking history. Having successfully completed it, Lloyds Banking Group then had to focus on delivering a strategy for the next 5 years.
  • NFU Mutual - Journey into the Unknown
    Founded by 7 farmers in 1910, today NFU Mutual has over 300 branches nationwide and continues to go from strength to strength. With local agents providing a personalised service for their 900,000 customers, NFUM have a dominant market share and combined operating ratio and retention rates that are the envy of their peers.
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Capability Modelling for GI
    When two major general insurers managing several million policies each are involved in a corporate merger, surely there must be major opportunities to find synergy and economies of scale?
  • Santander
    Step one was to help Santander quickly get to grips with the platform supplier landscape and select the right technology partner. With our well proven model of platform operations we swiftly established an operating framework which met the bank’s unique needs and narrowed the list of potential suppliers down to just three.
  • Alliance Trust Savings Fast Forward
    With a reputation for excellent service and a flat fee structure Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) has long been popular with direct investors. With the advent of RDR, their radical pricing model attracted a wave of interest from advisers and Alliance Trust Savings duly added an advisory option.
  • Aegon Operational Efficiency – More for less
    As one of the largest insurers in Europe AEGON is continually looking for ways to make its scale count. AEGON UK set out a clear vision of what it wanted to achieve placing process alignment, automation and a joined-up view of the customer experience at the heart of its plans.
  • Novia Fine Tuning the Outsourced Engine
    When one large insurer decided to launch a new platform, it made perfect sense to turn to Novia who had been running their own platform for several years. With Novia’s help, the new platform was open for business in just 8 months.
  • Ascentric Building on Success
    Ascentric has always been at the leading edge of platform development. An early pioneer of the wrap account concept, Ascentric was among the first to introduce ETFs to its platform and still leads the pack on model portfolios. Innovation has brought impressive results with over £7bn of assets now invested via a platform which unlike most is operating profitably.
  • Capita Life & Pensions Shaping an industry
    With responsibility for administering over 26 million policies on behalf of many of the UK’s largest insurers, Capita Life & Pensions Services is rapidly turning into the administrative backbone of the UK Life & Pensions industry.
  • LV= Surveying a System Landscape
    Life and pensions administrators have it tough when it comes to their administration systems - how many other industries have to provide post-sale support for customers and products for over 50 years?
  • Lloyds Banking Group Capability Modelling for GI
    When two major general insurers managing several million policies each are involved in a corporate merger, surely there must be major opportunities to find synergy and economies of scale?
  • Friends Life Connecting Principles to Process
    With a clear market entry strategy, a well-conceived Operating Model, and experienced project teams ready to implement change on the ground, Friends Provident were all geared up to push the button on their German market expansion plans.
  • Friends Life Target Operating Model
    Celebrating over 200 years of history, Friends Life was looking to build on its core UK business, based on 2.5 million customers, by continuing the successful expansion of its international business. As part of its strategy, Friends Life had identified Germany as a market with plenty of opportunity.
  • Aegon Outsourcing
    When Aegon made the decision to outsource the servicing of its protection business, it was faced with the complex challenge of shaping that outsourced service to be self-contained whilst still ensuring the smooth flow of processing with retained functions.
  • Direct Line Group: Tackling complexity
    When Direct Line launched in partnership with RBS in 1985, they couldn’t foresee the complex business model that existed when divesting nearly 30 years later. During the time with the bank, RBS acquired a number of other insurance businesses, namely Churchill, Privilege and NIG as well as roadside assistance and vehicle recovery provider Green Flag.

Consultation Paper Response


  • General Insurance - Digital Research 2018 - Digital Ranking
    Our 2018 findings highlight that investment in digital capability has continued at pace over the past 2 years. Focus is moving from customer acquisition to customer retention together with improvements in areas including mobile compatibility, renewals processes and claims since our previous research in 2017.
  • Amazon Claims Management Opportunity - If Amazon did home claims...
    See latest thoughts on how Amazon’s anticipated foray into insurance could impact the industry if they decided to step into the world of Claims Management..
  • Giving your platform wings - profitability and efficiency in the platform industry
    In this infographic, we illustrate some of our key findings on platform profitability and operational inefficiencies.
  • Amazon’s Insurance Opportunity - 10 areas Amazon can disrupt
    In this piece we look at 10 areas where we believe Amazon has an opportunity to disrupt, and also the places where they could struggle.
  • General Insurance - Digital Research 2017 - Digital Ranking
    As a follow up to our GI Digital Research earlier in the year, we are now releasing our Digital Insurer Ranking and more detailed findings.
  • General Election 2017
    General Election 2017 - Research shows how the parties stand?
  • General Insurance - The Digital Experience 2017
    Altus Consulting have refreshed and extended their 2015 research into digital capabilities for leading personal lines insurers. Focus of digital investment for insurers is still in customer acquisition rather than customer retention.
  • Brexit - possible scenarios and impacts
    Altus Consulting reviews the possible scenarios and impacts of Brexit in this easy to understand document.
  • Shaping Mobile Financial Services Paper
    In a report published in March 2014, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) stated that out of the top 50 Financial Services companies in the UK – such as banks, insurers and loan providers – nearly a quarter do not have a mobile-optimised website or app.
  • Testing Mobile Friendliness - Infographic
    A survey conducted by Altus Consulting revealed that over 50% of financial service providers fail to operate effectively within the mobile arena, having failed the most basic Google Mobile-Friendly Test . The survey also revealed that 42% of the companies that failed already have a mobile application on the market and are not new to mobile interaction. Those surveyed included banks, wealth managers and insurers.
  • Disparity in Online Pension Illustration Tools - Infographic
    Using the most popular on-line pension illustration tools from some of the top insurance and wealth management companies and even the Money Advice Service Altus Consulting calculated what that person was likely to get at the point of retirement. The results highlighted a massive disparity.
  • General Insurance - The Digital Experience 2015
    Altus researched digital offerings from the leading General Insurers and the results are disappointing if not altogether unsurprising. Insurers’ primary digital focus is on attracting new business with over 85% of the leading insurance companies enabling their customers (or prospects) to purchase their insurance via a website. Through the use of responsive web design Insurers are able to create mobile friendly websites thus opening up mobile as a sales channel – although we found there were still 3 leading GI providers who haven’t made their sites mobile friendly! However, when it comes to MTA’s, renewals, accessing my documents or indeed the moment of truth – making a claim - the picture is completely different.


White Papers

  • Whiplash Reform: Looking beyond the costs
    In this White Paper, we look at the journey of legal reforms to date, the detail of the forthcoming changes, and identify the key impact areas that an insurer will need to consider when re-shaping its claims model for the post-CLA environment.
  • Platform Efficiencies: Giving your platform wings
    In this paper we revisit a theme first explored a few years ago – platform profitability. The overall picture is a little healthier this time around but it’s still a mixed bag and there remains plenty of room for improvement.
  • Artificial intelligence: the evolution of financial advice
    In this paper we look at how businesses need to create an AI advantage to survive. The global tech and data giants – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent and the like - already know this. Any business serious about its long term future needs to recognise this, too.
  • Regulation is eating the world
    In this paper we take a look at how firms currently deal with the growing volume of regulation, some of the challenges involved and how new technology might help.
  • The InsurTech journey… are we there yet?
    Disruption is increasingly rife within the insurance industry and the pace of change is showing no sign of slowing. Established insurers have a strong hand. They can bring a compelling blend of brand, customers, regulatory approval, a proven business model and years of experience to the table.
  • The High Cost of Freedom: Retirement in 2020. Half-time update
    Our 2014 white paper ‘The High Cost of Freedom: Retirement in 2020’ discussed the momentous changes announced in that year’s Budget. In it, we predicted how the pensions industry would respond. In this briefing paper, we take a look back at our predictions for 2020 on providers’ reactions, and check how well the crystal ball worked for us at this half-way point.
  • Peer to peer: the meteorite approaches
    Peer to Peer (P2P) lending in the UK is little more than 10 years old, but already the market is crowded with almost 100 firms and business volumes growing at 70% per annum. It is a meteoric rate of expansion and one which puts P2P on a collision course with today’s financial services industry.
  • The Lose-Lose Game: Vulnerable Workers and Shrinking Pensions
    In this whitepaper we examine how multiple employment and the consequential proliferation of pension pots is likely to affect low paid workers and the industry who serves them.
  • Rise of the Machines: Where next for Robo-Advice?
    In the last few years well-established markets have been totally disrupted by a combination of new technology and innovative business models – just think Spotify, Uber, Airbnb or Dropbox. Now we are witnessing similar digital innovation in the retail investment market with the dawn of robo-advice – an automated, process-driven advice solution, developed to meet the straight-forward needs of consumers at lower cost than traditional channels.
  • The High Cost of Freedom: Retirement in 2020
    Countries around the developed world have long been aware of the demographic time-bomb putting at risk the sustainability of Government and private pension provision. In 2010, the UK’s population of over-65s numbered around 10 million; by 2050 this number will exceed 19 million.
  • Bringing in the Harvest the Future of D2C Platforms
    Altus white paper ‘Bringing in the Harvest: the future of D2C platforms examines the challenges providers face in a competitive and overpopulated market.
  • Perfect Storm for Pension Transfers
    The Perfect Storm for Pension Transfers white paper talks about how very few in the pensions industry have failed to recognise that there is a storm brewing for pension transfers whipped up by a combination of regulatory, demographic and market factors.
  • The Platform Machine Tuning for Efficiency
    Looking from a macro perspective, few would argue with the fact that platforms have been the great success story of UK investments in recent years.