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Written by Kevin Okell on Tuesday 27 November 2012

When we started Altus 7 years ago I was determined to bridge what struck me as the chasm between the ideas people in Financial Services and those who had deliver on their blue-sky thinking. Visionary ideas benchmarked by expert consultants, supported by statistically significant research and culminating in lengthy business cases often seemed to miss the blindingly obvious practical obstacles to real-world implementation. Our aim was to add some rigour to the woolly transition between strategy and delivery by subjecting creative ideas to a bit more structured scrutiny before they left the drawing board.

In the beginning our focus was on individual change projects but we soon branched out to cover the whole shooting match across Change and Operations. As the scope broadened, so did our exposure to increasingly strategic discussions and the office debates sprang up. Regulatory impacts, social trends, technology developments all got metaphorically kicked around in some really interesting, and occasionally raucous, intellectual sport. It is these discussions (or at least the edited highlights) that we’ve decided to share with the world in this Altus blog.

Brought to you by some of the finest minds in the industry, our blog will look at some topical issues of the day from a distinctly operational viewpoint – hopefully bringing a fresh perspective to some familiar subjects. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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