About 'Altus Consulting'

Altus Consulting is a specialist provider of consultancy services to the Financial Services sector. We help clients achieve operational excellence and improved returns via a combination of proven industry models, technology expertise and market insight.

From shaping a detailed outsource deal to challenging impractical ideas and refining strategy, our mission is to be at the forefront of the networked financial services business of the future. It is our practical experience of both the business of Financial Services and the IT systems which support it which enable us to solve the right problems with the right solutions.

Altus understands the landscape

As Financial Services become increasingly sophisticated, electronic and global, the operations which support them become ever more complex. Altus understands this landscape; the business and regulatory changes that shape it plus the process and technology required to succeed. With our rigorous, structured and highly visual approach, Altus has helped clients meet the most complex challenges with clear thinking and reliable systems.

Altus has been a pleasure to work with. Committed, knowledgeable and hardworking, they added a lot of value in a short time

Extensive experience

Our senior team has extensive experience in Financial Services change and we continually recruit operational experts from the industry we serve. Altus is an active participant in several industry bodies and contributes to industry conferences, regulatory consultations and standards development. All of which may explain why our client list includes some of the largest financial services companies in the UK and Europe.