The Challenge

The administration of pension payments is becoming more complex. Pension freedoms have created demand for a greater variety of payment types and frequencies, and tax calculations must now cater for both UK and Scottish rates of income tax.

The additional complexity in calculating tax and deductions, co-ordinating multiple payment schedules, and reporting to HMRC has added to the burden on administrators. Many administrators are finding that general purpose payroll systems are increasingly unsuited to the peculiar demands of pension payments.


The Solution

APG offers a comprehensive payroll solution dedicated to the needs of pension and annuity administrators. Specifically designed to cater for pension freedoms, APG supports flexible payment schedules across multiple product types, employers and administration functions. Pension and annuity administrators get a clear view of all payments and tax across all customers and employees, and have a full audit trail of all transactions and calculations. APG provides fully automated support for RTI reporting and HMRC data updates and supports both the UK and Scottish tax regimes.








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