We wholly endorse the benefits of ATG and its support for open standards which has provided the foundations for a new world of D2C investing.  By adopting Altus Transfer Gateway not only has our service become more efficient, but more importantly it has transformed the customer transfer experience by dramatically reducing the transfer time.”
Adam Seale, Interactive Investor

ATG supports the industry's widest range of account types and assets (including ISAs, SIPPs, personal and occupational pensions, GIAs, funds and equities) and handles cash transfers and asset re-registration.

ATG takes care of all aspects of the transfer operation including service level monitoring, customer progress queries, error and breach alerts, work allocation and team supervision.

The result for administrators is a cost effective and scalable transfers business function with improved transfer times and reduced error rates.

For a summary of ATG capabilities please download the ATG brochure.

For a more technical description please contact us at enquiries@altus.co.uk to request the ATG product overview.

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