Choosing AFG was easy.  Altus had an established client base, deep expertise and clearly understood the whole lifecycle.
AXA Wealth

AFG automates the whole investment process from receiving and validating instructions, through execution and confirmation, to settlement, reconciliation, exception handling and audit trails. Trade confirmations, price reports and holding statements are automatically distributed to clients and all communication can be handled electronically via ISO 20022 messages over SWIFT.  

The immediate benefit of adopting an automated approach is a reduction in administrative effort through removal of manual processing steps.

More important, however, is the reduction in risk as transcription errors are eliminated, approvals are more strictly controlled and the process more easily audited.

Last, and by no means least, is an improved service to clients by providing instant up to date price and holding information and the potential for faster and more frequent transaction cycles.

For a summary of AFG capabilities please download the AFG brochure.

For a more technical description please contact us at to request the AFG product overview.

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