Altus Business Systems is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of the financial services industry. Many of the leading financial services companies across the UK and mainland Europe depend on our investment automation solutions to keep their business critical processes running smoothly.

We are at the forefront of many of the industry initiatives to create new open standards for a better way of working and on this foundation we are building the networked financial services business of the future.

  • Altus Transfer Gateway

    The Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG) offers platforms, pension administrators, wealth managers custodians and fund managers the complete solution for automated account transfers and asset re-registration.

  • Altus Funds Gateway

    AFG is the leading trading automation product for fund providers in the UK corporate pensions market. It handles the whole trading lifecycle, together with the distribution of price reports and holding statements. AFG is fully compliant with SWIFT, ISO 20022 and the UKFMPG ViaNova market practice.

  • Altus Investment Gateway

    AIG is the leading funds trading automation software for administrators in the UK corporate pensions market. AIG handles the whole investment process from the capture of instructions, through validation, approval, release and transmission, to settlement, reconciliation, exception handling and audit trails. Automated trading is complemented by support for electronic price reports, holding statements and transaction statements to provide a complete trading desk system.

  • Altus e-Filing Gateway

    AeG is a fully automated solution for electronic HMRC reporting that includes all the security, control and audit measures demanded by financial services companies. Altus is an Approved Partner for the Government Gateway and AeG has passed HMRC recognition tests for a range of reporting regimes including PAYE RTI and Pensions.

  • APG HMRC Reporting

    The Altus Pension Gateway (APG) is a packaged HMRC reporting solution designed specifically for pension administrators. It handles the full range of PAYE reporting requirements for pension payments and the quarterly and annual pension scheme returns.

  • APG Pension Payroll

    The Altus Pensions Gateway (APG) offers a comprehensive payroll and HMRC reporting solution dedicated to the needs of pension and annuity administrators. It provides all the necessary features and flexibility to handle complex payroll operations in a post pension freedoms world.