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The image of a meteorite approaching awaiting dinosaurs is the cover art which illustrates a new report from UK-based Altus Consulting. The report asks how traditional financial service firms can “benefit from the change rather than risk extinction.” The change here is the rapid expansion of P2P lending with close to 100 firms and business volumes growing at 70% per annum (1). Clearly, an obvious attraction for investors is the high return, especially in the current low interest rate climate. The report underlines this by showing a 5.37% average growth in P2P lending since 2006 (2) and noting the positive stimulus offered by the recent introduction of tax free Individual Saving’s Accounts for the P2P market (3). At the heart of the report, is the prediction on how development through to 2020 will affect investment in the P2P lending market. Published 2nd December 2016

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