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Written by David Jackson on 12 November 2015

It has not been an easy ten years but one software firm in the city is celebrating its first decade in business.

When Altus launched in 2005 it was just two men in a house but the firm now employs 65 members of staff at its headquarters in Royal Mead and its products are market leaders.

Last year the company reported a 200 per cent rise in profits to £680,000 and a 64 per cent growth in turnover to £4.65 million. This year turnover is expected to reach £6 million. And these figures are an impressive achievement for a company that was still finding its feet when the recession hit in 2007. But managing director David Jackson believes a cautious and steady approach to growth, as well as key decisions taken during its early days, set Altus in good stead to weather any storm.

He said: “At the time we didn’t see any sense in taking investment when we didn’t know what it was we were doing – this decision proved to be the smartest move and made us less vulnerable. We can now make the decisions that are right for the business.” When the company started Mr Jackson had big plans for the ten-year milestone, which included a £10-million turnover, a portfolio of ten software products and 100 members of staff. This might not be the case but the company boss is far from disappointed. Mr Jackson said: “We had ambition for ten products by now but the five we have are dominate software products in their markets, which is great for the firm.

There are two parts to the business – consultancy and software development – and it’s been one of the biggest challenges over the last ten years to keep things focused and going in the same direction.” There are now plans to launch more products but at the moment the priority at

Altus is staff and investing in their development. Mr Jackson added: “The quality of staff we have here is exceptional and that is the greatest strength of the company.”


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