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Written by Ben Cocks on 15 January 2014

The Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG) User Group Meeting took place on 14th January from 10am – 2.00pm, hosted at SWIFT Offices, London.

The second ever ATG User Group saw representatives from 16 companies in attendance from all around the country.

2013 was an exciting year for electronic transfers and re-registrations. From a standing start, the project now has over 80% coverage of platforms and fund managers. The first half of the year saw some significant challenges and somewhat justified resulting bad press. The second half however saw a dramatic improvement, with many more counterparties getting ‘wired up’. This resulted in a reduction of ‘manual paper’ transfers and re-registrations and transfer times tumbling from weeks to days and even hours.

With this in mind, the user group made for lots of interaction and lively discussion on the latest information on the ATG roadmap, transfer market update, TeX SLAs and MI reporting. The group also provided an open forum for participants to discuss operational issues, enhancements and other market practice changes.

Feedback was great from the attendees and we will be planning a biannual user group from hereon.

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