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  • Making insurance more simple, accessible and personal
    Written by Post Online

    At Altus’ Insurtech Journey conference today, Tim Attia, CEO and co-founder of Slice, said that the insurer would be expanding to the UK. “Following the opening of our new UK office, we will be expanding our services to the rest of the UK,” said Attia.

  • Six policy takeaways from a new coalition
    Written by FT Adviser

    Their policy agendas are broadly aligned – for example DUP are in favour of reducing corporation tax to compete more easily with Eire-based businesses, although they will be particularly interested in a soft border and free trading arrangements with Republic of Ireland.

  • Why pension dashboard must be free to users
    Written by FT Adviser

    No-one thinks it is a good idea for the customer to pay for a pensions dashboard, Ben Cocks, director Altus Business Systems, has warned.

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