Altus is an expert in the field and have provided a selection of white papers, case studies, product data sheets and brochures to demonstrate their credibility within the financial services market.

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Briefing Paper

  • APG v.25 Briefing Note
    The latest version of APG has now been released and is available to clients. This Briefing Note highlights APG's new features and enhancements.
  • AIG v3.6 briefing note
    The latest version of the Altus Investment Gateway (AIG) is now available to clients. AIG's new features focus on an improved approval process and configurability to further minise the risks and costs of the funds trading process. This briefing note outlines AIG's new features and enhancements.
  • AFG v1.7 briefing note
    The latest version of the Altus Funds Gateway (AFG) is now available to clients. AFG's new features focus on ease of navigation and further streamlining the trading process for faster client service. This briefing note outlines AFG's new features and enhancements.
  • ATG v3.0 Briefing Note
    This version supports the full range of capabilities in the latest version of the UK Electronic Transfer and Re-registrations Group (UKETRG) transfer standards (version 3.0) and includes a whole host of new and exciting features.
  • ATG v2.9 Briefing Note
    The market leading automated transfers and re-registration solution just go better! With a host of new features and capabilities including support for JISAs, CTFs and in-specie pension transfers Altus continues to invest in innovation to drive the market forward.
  • In-Specie Pension Transfers Briefing Paper
    In this briefing document Altus has undertaken a research exercise to find out how providers are handling in-specie pension transfers and how well customers are served by the current arrangements. We conducted telephone interviews with 10 of the leading SIPP providers, typically with the head of operations or transfer team leaders, and asked them a series of questions about their approach to in-specie pension transfers
  • Everything you wanted to know about the Pensions Dashboard but were afraid to ask
    The Pensions Dashboard is the talk of the industry, and the prototype demonstrations organised by the ABI have sparked a lot of interest. Whilst there are still key governance issues to address, the focus is beginning to turn to the preparedness of pension administrators who arguably have the hardest task of all.
  • Introduction to Open Pension Transfers
    Introduction to 'Open Pension Transfers' briefing paper gives detailed information on the initiative; who is involved, the importance of choice in the pension transfers market, what transfers are covered and how the transfer process works.
  • ViaNova Guide for Fund Providers
    This document provides some background to and information on ViaNova market practice from a fund providers or fund platform perspective. It also provides an overview of the capabilities covered by the latest ViaNova version.
  • Altus Federated Pension Dashboard
    This briefing paper describes a model for the pension dashboard that is more aligned with the work of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Open Banking Working Group (OBWG) and also the burgeoning UK fintech sector where innovation and competition are a central theme.
  • Summary of 2016 Budget: Impacts on Financial Services Businesses
    In last year’s Autumn Statement, the chancellor had promised us details of pension reforms he had been consulting on. This had been the subject of much hype and speculation, until the news emerged two weeks ago that there would be no new pension reforms.
  • Interview: Altus 10 Years in Business, David Jackson, Managing Director
    In this brief interview, Managing Director, David Jackson reflects on 10 years in business, the changes he has seen in the Financial Services industry and what he believes the future holds for both the industry and Altus.
  • What is a Pension Dashboard?
    What is a Pension Dashboard? How will it be built? And, importantly - who would provide it? This briefing note addresses those questions.


  • Altus Transfer Gateway Brochure
    The Altus Transfer Gateway (ATG) offers platforms, pension administrators, wealth managers and fund managers a simple and economic solution for automated account transfers and asset re-registration.
  • Altus Funds Gateway Brochure
    The Altus Funds Gateway (AFG) automates client dealing and reporting services for fund providers thereby streamlining internal operations and providing a better service for clients.
  • Altus Investment Gateway Brochure
    The Altus Investment Gateway (AIG) minimises the costs and risks of funds trading by providing a consistent, controlled, automated process across all trading methods.
  • Altus e-Filing Gateway
    The Altus e-filing Gateway is a packaged solution for electronic HMRC reporting that provides a range of benefits beyond simple compliance.
  • Altus Pension Gateway - HMRC Reporting Brochure
    The Altus Pension Gateway (APG) is a packaged HMRC reporting solution designed specifically for pension administrators.
  • Altus Pension Gateway - Pension Payroll Brochure
    The Altus Pensions Gateway (APG) offers a comprehensive payroll and HMRC reporting solution dedicated to the needs of pension and annuity administrators.

Case Studies

  • Parmenion - Automating pension payments in the post Pension Freedom world
    A new payroll system, focusing on the particular needs of pension payments in the post pension freedoms world, was required for Parmenion to be able to deliver the level of service their customers expect and are accustomed to. Together, Altus and Parmenion have delivered an automated and robust process.
  • Nutmeg - Breaking the mould
    As Nutmeg's success continues, they need to be able to scale and must continue to utilise digital means and automation to allow them to achieve the efficiencies to do so. They cannot afford to have teams of staff performing manual processes or dealing with piles of paperwork.
  • Northern Trust - Seamless administration for the DC market
    As part of its plans to further develop its range of services for UK pension schemes, Northern Trust identified a requirement to development additional straight-through-processing capabilities based on the ViaNova Industry Standards for sending and receiving electronic messages.
  • Phoenix Wealth DC Pensions
    With a well-documented shift from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution provision and a predicted explosion in transaction volumes after the advent of auto-enrolment in 2014, prospects look good for pension fund platforms.
  • Fundsquare Cross-Border Funds Trading
    The Luxembourg Fund industry is a world leader in cross-border distribution of funds. Luxembourg funds are distributed in more than 70 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • Interactive Investor - Improved transfer processes for a first-rate client service
    Interactive Investor approached Altus to explore how ATG and the automated capabilities it could provide would help them to improve the transfer experience for its clients, and also improve its operational capabilities.

Consultation Paper Response


  • 2018 Q3 Market Update
    Our handy infographic gives you an snapshot of all the counterparties that support the TeX legal/UKETRG open transfer standards across the various segments of the financial services industry.
  • 2018 Q4 Market Update
    Our handy infographic gives you an snapshot of all the counterparties that support the TeX legal/UKETRG open transfer standards across the various segments of the financial services industry.


White Papers

  • The Lose-Lose Game: Vulnerable Workers and Shrinking Pensions
    In this whitepaper we examine how multiple employment and the consequential proliferation of pension pots is likely to affect low paid workers and the industry who serves them.
  • The High Cost of Freedom: Retirement in 2020
    Countries around the developed world have long been aware of the demographic time-bomb putting at risk the sustainability of Government and private pension provision. In 2010, the UK’s population of over-65s numbered around 10 million; by 2050 this number will exceed 19 million.
  • Bringing in the Harvest the Future of D2C Platforms
    Altus white paper ‘Bringing in the Harvest: the future of D2C platforms examines the challenges providers face in a competitive and overpopulated market.
  • Perfect Storm for Pension Transfers
    The Perfect Storm for Pension Transfers white paper talks about how very few in the pensions industry have failed to recognise that there is a storm brewing for pension transfers whipped up by a combination of regulatory, demographic and market factors.
  • The Platform Machine Tuning for Efficiency
    Looking from a macro perspective, few would argue with the fact that platforms have been the great success story of UK investments in recent years.