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Our Vision and Values

Altus was established to make Financial Services faster. We believe the best way to achieve that is to establish open standards for exchanging data across the industry and let competition between suppliers deliver better and better systems. That model has powered publishing, mobile telecommunications, and the Internet and it will work for Financial Services.

To drive that vision we apply a level of rigour and engineering that is unusual in the sector. We know that detailed models of business data and how it flows are essential to understand and ultimately transform an industry. Altus is founded on a repeatable methodology for developing those models and structured techniques are the DNA of our business.

Ultimately though, it is people who deliver a vision and the way we deliver really matters. We care more about reputation than profit and we are passionate about adding value for our clients. Praise from our customers is the ultimate accolade at Altus and we are enormously proud of the many recommendations, testimonials and introductions we get from clients.